STATERA Research and Practice Centre for Sustainability and Regional Development  was founded in 2014 as an independent NGO platform bringing together global and local partnerships of scholars, educationalists and practitioners from different fields with a shared, yet diverse vision of Sustainable and Resilient Societies.
We initiate international and regional co-operation projects, activities and practices aimed at:
 - Networking with the community of scholars, researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, politicians etc. for the benefit of sustainable development of societies.
- Developing trans-disciplinary research methodologies and contributing to the emerging field of Sustainability

- Contributing to formal and informal educational policies, curriculum, pedagogy (methods and practices) in the context of re-orienting the field of education towards sustainable development.
- Working closely together with schools, entrepreneurs, municipalities and other parties for implementing innovative and sustainable solutions and research results into practice.
- Establishing a constantly updated data-base of existing research and practices in the field of sustainable development.
- Disseminating the results of the activities of the Centre among different target groups.
- Organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, training sessions and other activities to promote sustainable lifestyles.